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The COMID™ Compact Mine Detector represents the latest development in Schiebel’s mine detection technology.

Minimum-metal content mines in nearly all types of soils and terrain conditions can be detected with ease, especially viable in areas with severe laterite conditions (a high content of iron or aluminum oxides).

COMID™ is characterized by easy handling in static search, quick calibration and improved visual and acoustic support functions, helping the user to implement the required actions quickly and safely.

Simplified pinpointing is made possible with different audio signals for the left and right halves of the search head, aiming at maximum support with minimal training effort. Furthermore, the tone modulation varies depending on the size and geometry of as well as the distance to the detected object. Always in the visual field, an LED display, integrated in the search head, minimizes the risk of distraction.

Enhanced ground and salt-water compensation eliminate difficulties of terrain, helping the deminer to focus on his essential work in all types of military and humanitarian operations.

The infrared data port allows the quick update with new software versions.

In multi-channel operation, a number of COMID™ can operate simultaneously at a two-meter distance apart only.