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UAV Dach: Schiebel and Nordic Unmanned monitor sulphur ship emissions in world's busiest shipping lane English 29.11.2020 pdf
Helicopters Magazine: Nordic Unmanned measures sulphur emissions in world's busiest shipping lane English 30.09.2020 pdf
UAS Weekly: Schiebel CAMCOPTER & Nordic Unmanned to monitor ship emissions English 28.09.2020 pdf
Offshore: Drone delivers replacement component to North Sea Troll platform English 28.08.2020 pdf
Oil and Gas Press: Equinor completes logistics operation with a drone English 28.08.2020 pdf
Shephard: CAMCOPTER zooms in on Australia, as SEA129 tender process begins English 08.08.2020 pdf
Industriemagazin: Einsatz von Drohnen in Österreich soll erleichtert werden English 30.07.2020 pdf Kooperation der WKÖ will Drohnen für den Realbetrieb vorbereiten English 29.07.2020 pdf
ADBR: Schiebel Pacific, Raytheon Australia team up for Australian Army LAND129 phase tactical UAS project English 27.07.2020 pdf
ADBR: RAN embarks Schiebel S-100 on ANZAC frigate English 17.07.2020 pdf
Navy Daily: Ballarat strikes gold with unmanned aerial vehicle English 17.07.2020 pdf
UAS Vision: Schiebel CAMCOPTER S-100 and Nordic Unmanned monitor ship emissions for EMSA in Denmark English 17.07.2020 pdf CAMCOPTER to monitor ship emissions in Denmark English 16.07.2020 pdf
AirMed & Rescue: Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 to aid Finnish Coast Guard English 07.07.2020 pdf
UAS Vision: Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 to perform Coast Guard services in Finland English 06.07.2020 pdf
Moench Publishing: CAMCOPTER® S-100 selected for Coast Guard mission in Finland English 06.07.2020 pdf
EMSA: Towards a regional service in the Baltic Sea: EMSA's RPAS to support Finnish, Estonian and Swedish Coast Guard functions English 04.07.2020 pdf
AUVSI: Schiebel completes acceptance tests of new heavy fuel S2 engine for CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS for Royal Australian Navy English 09.03.2020 pdf
Shephard: Schiebel S2 completes heavy fuel acceptance tests English 09.03.2020 pdf
Naval News: Schiebel completes heavy fuel acceptance tests for Royal Australian Navy English 09.03.2020 pdf
Helicopters: Bristow and Schiebel SAR aircraft trials English 04.03.2020 pdf
AUVSI: Schiebel, Nordic Unmanned successfully test CAMCOPTER® S-100 equipped with sniffer capability English 02.03.2020 pdf
North Wales Chronicle: CAMCOPTER® S-100 system evaluated at Caernarfon airport for lifesaving search and rescue role English 02.03.2020 pdf
Vertical Magazine: Bristow and Schiebel carry out UK's first unmanned SAR aircraft trial English 02.03.2020 pdf
UAS Weekly: Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 impresses at sulphur sniffer capability test English 02.03.2020 pdf
Asian Defence Journal: Schiebel CAMCOPTER® S-100 attracts interest of Southeast Asian Governments English 12.02.2020 pdf
Singapore Airshow News: Schiebel CAMCOPTER® supported river-pollution emergency English 12.02.2020 pdf
Shephard UV: Singapore Airshow - Schiebel explores ASW innovations English 11.02.2020 pdf
European Security and Defence: CAMCOPTER® S-100 deployed in river pollution crisis English 01.02.2020 pdf
Shephard: CAMCOPTER® S-100 supports emergency response efforts in Malaysia English 13.01.2020 pdf
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